Modernization and Harmonization of Tourism study programmes in Serbia; 544543-TEMPUS-1-2013




Modernization and Harmonization of Tourism study programmes in Serbia


The project aims at improving the quality of tourism study programs through modernization and harmonization of study programmes, on one side, and conducting training courses, on the other. The starting point in achieving these objectives will be the analysis of tourism market needs. Developing a new study programs (or modules) or improving the existing ones will be performed in compliance with the obtained results of the analysis. In addition, when designing new curriculum the best EU practice in tourism higher education field will be taken into account.

Throughout the project duration, it is planned to develop a flexible education system, with precise definition of learning outcomes, competencies of graduate students and modalities of further education. The common basis for Undergraduate studies will be developed. This means that all redesigned undergraduate study programs at partner higher education institutions from Serbia will have in common at least 50% of the subjects (such as Tourism Geography, Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Management, English language). Common basis will be upgraded through subjects and modules that reflect the actual tourism needs of the region where the higher education institution is situated. In this way, the tourism specificities of certain parts of Serbia can be incorporated in the study programs. In addition, the common basis of redesigned undergraduate study programs will facilitate student’s exchange and recognition process within the participating Serbian higher education institutions.

Undergraduate tourism studies should be accredited at each partner higher education institution in Serbia by the end of the second year of the project, and the first generation of students should be enrolled in the third year of the project. Also, at least two postgraduate study programme should be accredited at higher education institutions from Serbia participating in the project.

However, for successful implementation of above mentioned study programs it is necessary to have a competent academic staff. Therеfore, the experts from EU partner institutions will conduct training courses for teachers and teaching associates from Serbia in the following fields:

  • contemporary teaching methods,
  • distance learning techniques,
  • methodology and practical preparation of contemporary teaching material (design of books, practicums etc.),
  • education process implementation in practice.

Stakeholders and professional cooperation network which will be established have substantial role in the project. Established cooperation between higher education institutions and tourism enterprises will be continued after the end of the project, which is to be ensured through signed agreements on business and technical cooperation and individual contracts on work based learning, students’ industrial placement, as well as for future training of tourism employees at higher education institutions. In addition, tourism enterprises will be providing information about required skills and knowledge of their personnel that will affect new curricula and modules of study programs and contents of training courses for tourism employees in the future.

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