Welcome to the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja



If you love meeting others, if you are willing to deal with their problems and to do everything that is necessary to make them feel great, then you are at the right place. That is what makes the foundation of hospitality and tourism. Certainly, these sectors are quite demanding, yet on the other hand, they also the ones that are experiencing growth and certainly the exciting ones to be a part of. You can enter them by educating yourself at our Faculty. We are located in Vrnjačka Banja, a well know Serbian tourist destination with a tradition of over 175 years. Our curriculums offer you theoretical and practical training with access to numerous hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and catering companies.


Tourism as a word brings many lively images and positive emotions related to beach, sand, Sun, water, exotics, eroticism, adventure, attractions, skiing and many other associations. But, it should also be taken into considerations that many of us also think of crowds in the airports, more or less comfortable plane and bus seats while travelling, pollution caused by transportation and tourists themselves, as well as terrorist attacks in well-known tourist destinations. It could be said that tourism management, has only one goal – to bring into harmony the right of people to move freely with the need for general sustainability. That will become the key task for tourist organizations of various types and scales. We are preparing you to be in charge of them.

Usually it is claimed that all teaching and arts in tourism boils down to selling dreams, memories, hopes and illusions. Yet, how to meet those objectives nowadays, when the most precious resources are not any more money, oil or diamonds. The most precious resource of today is people’s attention. The need for gaining people’s attention these days goes far beyond the actual attention we can get from people. Today, people are occupied with almost everything and nobody listens nor pays attention to anyone. The lack of attention is the greatest issue that every seller in hospitality and tourism faces. According to almost all parameters, the level of noise in media has become so unbearable that is has become rather difficult for any message to stand out. An average consumer these days is receiving anywhere between 200 and 5,000 commercials. Today, we are getting more advertisement in one day than our nearest ancestors were getting in an entire year. Throughout our lives we spend enormous worth of time onto observing, listening or reading advertisements. The most of these messages go unnoticed, some of them generate strong aversion, while only 1 to 2 percent is being actually noticed. Even if your message gets to the mind of a consumer, then it needs to compete with 45,000 to 50,000 thoughts that happen in our minds on a daily level. So, how to sell a tourist product of hotel room? That’s something that we will teach you at the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja.

However, you are at the age where many other activities draw your attention as well. Learning is one of the basic tasks you will have to complete and you should not forget about it; yet, it doesn’t mean that you should solely commit yourselves to it. Live you lives, enjoy it and do not let it pass by you unnoticed. Tomorrow, you will be in business of making others feel great. How will you achieve that unless you are not feeling great yourself at the first place? An old saying goes – practice is the essential ingredient of success! Therefore, we hope that throughout your student days, love will bring you warmth, while knowledge will keep you awake.

Welcome to the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja!

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